Interact with Spreadsheets Using a VBA For Loop

The For Loop is the most basic iterative loop, permitting a block of code to be executed for a specific number of times. Nested within a for loop, scripts can help input, modify, or remove data from spreadsheets.

Using Select Case Statements in VBA

Select case statements are sequences of VBA statements that behave similar to an If-ElseIf-Else statement. While they are similar in terms of functionality, they can provide clearer and more readable code.

Free Excel Template: Employee Timesheet

We’re releasing another free item in the Excel Virtuoso Portfolio. This item is a basic excel based employee timesheet template, useful for small businesses or volunteer organizations. With a user friendly interface and simple navigation, employees can keep an accurate count of hours worked each day.

Logical Operators for Conditional Statements in VBA

While the previous post explained how to use conditionals to execute specific blocks of code, the conditions were relatively strict, relying on single variables or liberal values. This post provides an overview of how to incorporate logical operators into conditional statements, permitting much needed flexibility with complex testing.

Using Conditional Statements in VBA

Previous posts on the Getting Started with VBA Series have focused on how to both extract information from cells on the spreadsheet, and create information in VBA with variables. While these may meet the needs of some simple programs, conditional statements open the door to creating responsive programs.

Excel Quick Tip: Printing Spreadsheets to a Single Page

While attempting to print a massive spreadsheet onto one sheet of paper may be an exercise in futility, many of us have been frustrated by the one or two columns that hop off to the right of the print area.