Free Excel Template: Employee Timesheet

We’re releasing another free item in the Excel Virtuoso Portfolio. This item is a basic excel based employee timesheet template, useful for small businesses or volunteer organizations. With a user friendly interface and simple navigation, employees can keep an accurate count of hours worked each day.

Overview of the Employee Timesheet Template

The Employee Timesheet template is a basic timesheet to record an individual employees’ time for each day over the course of a year. The template does not incorporate any macros/VBA and provides a user friendly interface allowing staff to intuitively enter their time.


  • Employees can record time on a daily basis through an intuitive visual interface.
  • Weekly and monthly summaries are provided for employee and supervisor.
  • Sheets are scaled to print on one page. Summary page contains signature fields.


Download the excel file from the store or by clicking the button below. You must go through the shopping cart, however, you will not be required to enter any credit card or payment information. A download link will be provided at the bottom of the Purchase Confirmation.


 Once downloaded, you can open the file like any other Excel file. Macros do not need to be activated, and the template can be distributed to employees by e-mail.


Employees can enter time into a month view, with each month broken out on individual tabs. Individual tabs can be accessed through links on a summary page, or the tab toolbar.

Snapshot of the employee timesheet template time entry tab for January 2017.
Snapshot of the time entry tab for January 2017. This snapshot is at a 45% zoom.

For each day, the employee can enter a start and end time. Start and end times are entered with a dropdown list, so entering incorrect time formats is never an issue. To the right of each month, a weekly and monthly summary of hours worked is provided. Data validation features ensure data is clean and properly recorded.

Employee timesheet at 100% zoom.
Part of the employee timesheet at 100% zoom. Employees can enter their time in and time out for each day worked.

The employee timesheet is clear and easy to read. The above screen capture shows the timesheet at 100% zoom. At 100% zoom, a screen resolution width of 1920 pixels is suggested. The zoom can be reduced for smaller resolutions, or horizontal scrolling can be used.

The template also provides a summary sheet which outlines total hours for each month and the entire year.

The summary sheet on the Employee Timesheet template.
The summary sheet on the Employee Timesheet template.

The summary sheet also provides a space for an employee and supervisor to sign. This tab also asks for basic information, such as employee name and year. Calendars are automatically updated for each year.

Other Notes

  • All sheets are pre-scaled to print on a single sheet.
  • Intuitive navigation elements are provided throughout the template, allowing users to jump.
  • Template is best used on a resolution width of at least 1920 pixels.
  • Download Link

Version History

Version 1.20

  • Bug fixes.
  • Navigation improvements.

Version 1.15

  • First Release.

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