Hi, welcome to my site. I’m Rob, a full-time Finance Manager and part-time Excel blogger. I created this site to share my knowledge of Excel, specifically some of its advanced features available through VBA.

In my 12 years as a finance professional, I have worked with many companies, each engaging in various projects that attempt to “replace” Excel. Even with successes, users found themselves going back to Excel to work with data exports and build reports. Everyone seems to say they dislike spreadsheets, but the long-term adoption rate for alternatives is very low.

Spreadsheets have not fundamentally changed over the past 30 years. While many professionals and casual users may avoid advanced features, the general functionality is very simple and familiar. Access to spreadsheets is always available, whether through Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, OpenOffice Calc, etc. Many spreadsheet suites are even accessible on smart phones.

Given their ease of access and consistent functionality, information on this site will hopefully be relevant for many years to come — one of the reasons why I chose to write about this topic. In addition to my interest in Excel, I also enjoy traveling and cycling. I may try to fit some of these themes into my Excel posts or case studies. I have a BS in Finance from Babson College and an MBA from Baruch College.

Using this Site

According to Google, as of October 2017, there are 1,323 sites on the internet classified with a primary focus on Spreadsheet Software. While many of these may sell software or add-ins, a simple search will also provide an extensive list of blogs, like this one.

So given this crowded space, what’s my value proposition? My goal is to provide comprehensive case studies to present useful Excel solutions. While the focus is primarily on advanced VBA features, my tutorial posts will help users understand VBA’s complexity. Some posts will provide simple code snippets, while others will dive into a conceptual view of what happens behind the scenes.

All content on this site is available for free. I do not require any subscription sign-ups or other information for downloads or content. If you find content on this blog useful or interesting, you can show support by sharing my posts with others and following me on social media. Social media links are here.


Consulting Services

I am available on a limited basis to provide advice and support on Excel projects. I specialize in financial modeling, data management, and scenario creation. I can also fix “broken” macros or update macros to meet new needs.

I am available to do limited free training for non-profit organizations based in New York City.

You can reach out to me through this Contact link.

My LinkedIn profile is here.



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