Find out how add-ins and templates can help you get the most out of Excel.

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Add-ins are custom tools added to your Excel ribbon to be used in any workbook. The add-ins posted here add new features on top of Excel’s built-in functionality.

Name Manager PlusDownload
A name management add-in that provides new functionality to move, categorize, and manage named ranges in Excel.
Remove Empty RowsDownload
This is an Excel data management add-in that will remove all empty rows or columns within large sets of data. Users have the ability to define a search range and various criteria to remove unwanted rows.


Templates include business tools to help fill various needs.

Employee TimesheetDownload
This is an Employee Timesheet Excel template that can be used to record individual employee time. Time is recorded on a daily basis on a calendar-like interface. Monthly data is provided on a summary tab in an easily view-able and printable format.

Financial Models

Coffee Brewing MethodsDownload and DocumentationA simple financial model to compare the cost of coffee brewing methods.
Bond LadderDownload and DocumentationAn Excel/VBA implementation of a bond ladder portfolio and summary. Will calculate an average weighted yield for a ladder of bonds.

VBA Functions and Excel Formulas

Bubble Sort FunctionsDocumentationThe bubble sort is commonly used to sort simple arrays. Did you know that it can also sort other VBA data structures like 2D arrays and dictionaries?
VLOOKUPLEFTDocumentationA custom Excel formula which allows VLOOKUP to reference from right to left.