Excel Add-In: Name Manager Plus

The Excel Virtuoso Name Manager Plus is an name management add-in that provides new functionality to move, categorize, and manage named ranges in Excel.


While the Excel OEM Name Manager allows users to create, edit, and delete named range, it does not provide the flexibility to modify a large number of named ranges simultaneously. If you’re a VBA developer or Excel poweruser who relies heavily on named ranges, many features in the Name Manager Plus

FeatureName Manager ProName Manager (OEM)
Reassign cell address reference.
Create, edit, and delete named range names.
Add edit named range comments.
Filter by general criteria.
Assign categories to named ranges.
Single click (and no additional dialog windows) for reference address changes.
Easily move or resize individual or multiple named ranges using simple single-click d-pads.
Advanced filtering permits additional filter criteria, including name, value, comments, category, and worksheet.
Filter and selection tools allow the easy selection of large amount of named ranges for updates.

In addition to improvements for modifying reference and other meta data associated with named ranges, the Name Manager Plus also permits the assignment of categories to named ranges, a feature not present in the OEM Name Manager.

The Name Manager Plus dialog box.
The Name Manager Plus dialog box.

Download and Installation

Installation is done through a standard windows installer. After installation, the add-in will show up in a new “Name Manager” tab on the Excel ribbon.

Version: 0.71

Documentation: See This Post

Installation Notes: Installation Notes


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